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David Cross

Grenada citizenship by investment program is popular for a number of reasons,

1. Fast application process: Grenada is the perfect choice to invest in real estate as your application will be quickly approved within 60 days span of time. You can hold your new second passport by 3 months span of time.

2. No Permanent residency requirement: There is no need for any temporary PR since you will get your Citizenship directly through the Grenada second passport. Even to obtain and maintain your status as a Grenadian citizen, you need not reside on the island. In fact, even visiting Grenada is not required to secure your application.

3. Permanent lifetime Citizenship: When you gain Grenadian citizenship, it is for life. This means you are completely protected from subsequent changes in the policies that could threaten your claim. Your investment in Grenada second citizenship here is securely protected and you can enjoy all the benefits Grenada Government.

4. Dual citizenship is allowed: If you are planning to expand your business with a second passport, Grenada officially recognizes dual citizenship, so there will no complications in setting up your business in Grenada. Your home nation will not be informed of your new nationality, which affords you required privacy.

5. Family-friendly citizenship: Grenada second citizenship program is a cost-effective route to full family citizenship. If you have family obligations then you can add additional family members for a nominal additional fee. Under the Grenada investment program, your initial investment includes your children under 25 and dependents over 65. Keeping the Government and processing fees aside, the investment will be the same for a single applicant as it would a family of four.

6. Cost-effective investment: One of the big advantages of Grenadian citizenship by Investment program is its real estate investment choice, offering the prospect of high returns on top of your citizenship. The Grenadian tourism industry is booming so your investment here will stand you in good stead, and you need only hold this investment for three years.

7. Increased global mobility: Being a Grenadian citizen you will be having a free traveling visa which has access around 120 countries. This includes most of the attractive business and travel destinations in the world including the UK, the Schengen area, Singapore and Australia. Grenada is one among the 11 countries that allows travel to the Republic of China without obtaining a visa, making this an ideal passport for conducting business in China.

8. An easy route into the USA: As the US is the strongest Nation, Grenada citizens are entitled to apply for American E-2 Investor Visa. This is one of the major advantages since it gives Grenadian citizen to hold the right to live and work in the United States on the basis of an investment of around USD 100,000 and only 40% of countries all over the world currently have such an agreement with the US. For those people who are aspiring for the US lifestyle in their personal lives, second citizenship in Grenada can be a strong first step in the way of establishing the business in the United States.

9. Attractive tax system: Grenada offers investors a very favorable tax system. Grenada imposes zero foreign income, wealth, inheritance, capital gains. The generous tax incentives are available by Grenada government authority that discounts income and withholding tax for 20 years.