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Brian Dellinger

On another board I frequent, I see a lot of discussion about places to expatriate to escape the USA, but it’s mostly that–discussion. Another boarder referred to such a thing (in a slightly different context) as analysis paralysis.

If one is interested in expatriating for reasons of freedom, it seems to me the thing is to go. Finding that first country to move to or visit is less like a marriage (permanent) and more like a date (testing the waters). In that context, why should the potential expat worry about finding the “perfect” local (i.e. perfect combination of freedom, economy, culture and climate) and instead just test the waters? For all the discussion of how Panama is no good any more, Belize is no good, etc., the facts are that they do have BETTER freedom in many ways than we experience in the US. Maybe they’re not the perfect countries to move to, and maybe there is eventually a better one to settle in, but if they are improvements over where you’re currently staying, don’t they merit at least visits?