Nicaraguan Citizenship by Investment

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I’ve been researching whether Nicaraguan Citizenship by Investment is a real thing.  The folks I’ve talked to in Nicaragua don’t seem to know about it, and there’s no telling whether it’s a black market, gray market, or completely legitimate passport option.

I’ve found nothing definitive yet, because the stories and reports all seem to fall back to the same source.  A few examples:

Here; and


I’ve posted some questions of the company offering this citizenship.  One of those questions is whether the real estate investment has to be from a government-approved real estate development (such as with St. Kitts), or whether any real estate purchase meeting the minimum requirements would suffice.

If any real estate purchase would suffice so long as it meets the value requirements, it really could–if legitimate–turn into a great value proposition.

If I learn more, I’ll pass it along.


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