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I’ll share all of my experience, for what it’s worth, so we can all compare notes. A few months ago I received a notice that the new users’ portal was up. I went to try and use it but it was non-functional. For anyone who has trouble reading Portuguese (I do), use Google Translate for your messages in the future and you should be fine. I fairly quickly received a message that the English version of the Portal was still under construction.

Time passed, and within the past month, I received a message from info@escalaproperties telling me my next payment was due. Problem is, I had paid all at one time in order to receive the discount. I responded back, and then received a reply email apologizing, and asking me to disregard the previous email sent in error. That was September 17.

In response, I asked about the portal. Three days later I received the following from
Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writting to let you know that from now on we will no longer be using this e-mail address to reply questions about Microcondo sales.

This e-mail was only used during the first steps of your purchase.

To reply questions related to contracts, payments, project updates, we will be using our main customer care e-mail below:

This way we can follow up on your questions faster.

Kind regards,

Part two next….