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Brian Dellinger


For better or worse, I think Sovereign Man has made the decision to focus more efforts on its higher-end clientele. That is, focus on folks coming to the SMC events, and focus even more on the Total Access members. Perhaps Simon is putting into place the 80/20 principle, and believes that the top 20 percent of the SMC members are resulting in 80 percent of the company’s profits. From meeting fellow members like you at Cancun, and TA members in Medellin, I can tell you that those groups are the most motivated, high-functioning, and high-producing members. So if I could earn more money from 300-500 of the Total Access members than I could with 10,000 with the regular members doing the day to day events, I can sympathize with that. I wouldn’t have thought the costs of maintaining a forum were high, though I do note that when Porter Stansberry bought out a lot of Doug Casey’s assets, he immediately nixed the International Man forum. The IM forum was very informative, entertaining and, best of all, FREE.