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Brian Dellinger

HJ, I’d like to first answer your question. I got out of Casey mostly when it was taken over by Stansberry. I’ve just subscribed to Crisis Investing with Casey, which appears to be a resumption of the old “Crisis INvestor” newsletter. Very entertaining and informative. They choose unusual investing locales such as Zimbabwe. What’s very cool though is that not only do they find you investments allowing you to take advantage of the crisis opportunities, but they often point you to NYSE listed companies that will allow you to take advantage of the opportunities. I have an investing account that allows me to hit a number of different stock exchanges, but it’s still not as easy as you think. First you have to fund that currency by buying units of the currency in your default currency. If you’re not careful, your currency may be spread out in Yen, HK Dollars, etc. Anyhow, I just started it but I’ve enjoyed it so far; we’ll see if the investments pan out.

I began looking for a social networking site that might be geared toward people with a similar mindset. The closest thing I found was, which is a libertarian-oriented social networking site. It is now free, though it used to charge an annual fee. People exchange ideas, write blogs, and have forum discussions. There is a discussion section for travel and five-flags-type ideals, but it is not regularly frequented (perhaps one post a month). I got a couple of good tips about an upcoming trip to Chile, but that was about it. It has a lot of potential, but mostly it seems to be about people wanting to discuss theory.

Q Wealth Reports is another interesting site. It has reports that come on an unannounced and irregular basis. However, some of the things they post is interesting, such as an anonymous rechargeable bank card. There’s an annual fee, maybe about $100. No real forum to speak of, but the content is decently interesting, though sporadic.

Going back to the SMC forum, I just got a notification of the new SMC site. It must not be without its bumps, because currently not only are my user name, email and password not recognized, but there’s no way to get a new password sent because it acts like I’m not there. In the past, SMC tended to roll out a new site before it was ready for primetime, so I expect that’s the case. There’s also an implication in the email that there may be a forum just for Total Access members. That seems to confirm my sense that Simon was going to target his products to a narrower, more lucrative subset of original members. That said, everyone I’ve met at the last two events (one SMC, the other “TA”) has been extremely interesting, and I’d love to frequent a forum in which those types of members actively participate.