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    Dany Brown

    We all know that traders lose their money in Forex. This market is invincible and you cannot beat this market. Many people have tried and they all have failed in Forex. We know that when traders lose their money, they want to trade again on the market, trade with leverage to overcome their loss and they will not leave any stones unturned to get their money back from the market. It does not happen and they have to lose this money in Forex.

    This makes us ask this question that does professions also lose money in Forex. If they do how they overcome their loss? We are going to answer these two questions in this article and you will be mesmerized when you are reading it. Common people think of them as Gods but remember Gods die too at a battle. If they are not devised in their life, another god will overtake their thrones. The gods have been always at war and so do the professionals. How they overcome this loss and stay profitable in the market is what makes up this article.

    Simple rule of money management
    Do you think that the expert Aussie traders are not losing money? You might have vast knowledge about this trading industry yet you will always have to face losing trades. For this very reason, all the Aussie traders follow the simple rule of money management. Regardless of the quality of the trade setup, they never take more than 3-5% risk. Taking bigger risk will never help you to become a profitable trader. You need to learn the precise art of trade management so that you can easily overcome all the challenge and make a consistent profit. When you place your trade in your online trading account, make sure that you are trading with the high-risk-reward ratio. Try to reduce your risk exposure in every possible way.

    They also lose their money
    The first question a bit easy to answer. When the market is changing so rapidly and traders do not get an idea of the market, it can be discerned that professional traders also lose their money. They trade the market with their perfect strategy but as this market is volatile and it is not possible to predict the market right all the time, they lose their money. What more mesmerizing is how they overcome their loss? Do not stop reading this article and you will find out how.

    They have consistent profit to overcome loss
    They always make the consistent profit to overcome their loss. Traders cannot distinguish the difference between profit and consistent profit. When you lose 10 trades and win only 1 trades, this is called profit. You have made money though you have lost many trades. When you make 10 dollars of profit every day but you also lose some of your money, it is called consistent profit. You may lose your money but you are always in profit every day. This is called consistent profit. If you are eating at a restaurant and the trade of your favorite appetizers changes every time you order the same menu, we doubt if you would be eating for more time in this restaurant. It is the consistency of the taste that keeps the consumers coming back for more food. Professional traders always make some consistent profit and the loss is merely big when it comes to their profit they have made in profit. This is how they overcome their loss.

    Stick to the basic rules of trading
    They believe in their strategy and they stick to it. When traders do not analyze the market after winning, these professionals always analyze before placing the next trade. If they lose their money, they are disciplined and they do not overtrade the market. This is how they overcome their loss also in Forex.

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