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    Brian Dellinger

    We spent a couple of days in a quiet section of the Lake District of Chile, near a bunch of hot springs. I saw an ad and photos for this one:

    It’s nothing too fancy, just a small subdivision built around a hot spring. Prices started at $25,000 for the lots.

    Roger Wilco

    Any assistance with this for non-Spanish speakers.
    Would this work in your favor for a residency application?

    Brian Dellinger

    Roger, my apologies. I’m not much of a Spanish speaker either. The easiest thing to get a halfway decent translation is to use Google Chrome as your browser. When you get on a Spanish website, Chrome will usually ask if you want it translated and do a decent enough job that you’ll understand what’s on the page.

    I don’t think it would do anything for you to get residency. Frankly, I didn’t check out residency while I was in Chile. To build in this area, you’d have to really WANT to have a home sort of away from it all. Though frankly, it wasn’t too far from decent sized cities. For a vacation home (which is how it was marketed), I don’t know that having a place where the main attraction is one hot spring is a real draw. Though that said, all around there were all sorts of vacation developments with very humble bungalows stuck right up next to each other. So maybe it was the city folks’ idea of a back to nature getaway.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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