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    I’d posted a blog post throwing out the idea of a meetup, and thought a forum thread might be a good place to get some discussion started. What I’d suggest is the following:

    3-4 days, have the opportunity every day to do some things together, and perhaps have a meal together, with plenty of time to do our own thing. The idea would be to find a common lodging place, everybody books it themselves, perhaps I help set up some potential excursions based on interest, and then we all pay our share at the time of the excursion.

    While I have lots of ideas for places, I’d suggest for a first go, perhaps find something that’s pretty easily accessible without a very long flight for folks within the United States (i.e. not Hong Kong or New Zealand).

    Here are a few general (non-country specific) ideas:
    –Caribbean countries offering banking and/or citizenship options;
    –Central American countries offering more off-the-beaten track options (such as espoused by Johnny Mueller of the Expat Files);
    –South American countries offering lifestyle options.

    I’d suggest we just stay in one locale for such a short trip.

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