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    I would be interested in hearing from fellow SMC members (or ex-SMC members) about what they may be using as resources in addition to or in lieu of Sovereign Man. Here are a few for me: forum. Well put together forum for those of a libertarian persuasion, with articles, forums, and media. It is now free (it used to cost $50 a year). The discussion boards are not too frequently used, and most of the focus tends to be by libertarians arguing over esoteric points of libertarianism, without much boots on the ground practicality. There is a “PT” discussion forum, but it is even in less frequent use than the other forum discussions. a nice little subscription site that has a lot of potential. Not a high cost, and occasionally offers gems–like access to a prepaid anonymous debit card. Downside is that their output is sporadic and irregular.

    More to come, but would love other members’ thoughts.

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