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In an effort to raise interest in our forum and website, I’m going to make an attempt to regularly send out emails with thoughts, ideas, and other items of interest.

One thing I’ve discussed with a few of the old SMC friends I’ve made is the idea of doing some pretty low-key meetups and travel.

The idea would be to get a few like-minded individuals together in one area for a few days, perhaps have half-day trips that any interested folks can join in, with the rest of the day to do our own respective things.  Maybe get back together for dinner at night.  Nothing structured, no speakers, just a get-together with like-minded folks, and a chance to do a little traveling together, while still having lots of freedom to travel on your own.


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An attorney with a passion for international travel and investment, and a desire for freedom.


  1. Heather Johnson says:

    I am interested. It would be nice to explore areas with like-minded individuals; allowing for both group and personal interests. Maybe those who are interested could submit some ideas and then flush out a trip to try out the idea?