Hello friends, exciting things happening!

Friends: I wanted to let you know of a couple of blog posts you should be seeing in the upcoming weeks.  One of our readers will write a post about her recent trip to Hungary this summer, as well as her impressions.  Interestingly, she has been able to obtain citizenship by descent available to those who […]

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  June 30, 2018   No comments

Calling all authors

Have you written an e-book or articles regarding international travel or investment, or the five flags lifestyle?  If you are, we’d like to hear from you.  We’re working on creating a library/store of e-books and articles for public consumption.  It is our hope to have both free articles and e-books, as well as e-books for […]

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  November 18, 2017   No comments

Citizenship by Investment in Georgia?

Yesterday I received word, via this self-promoted press release, of a purported citizenship by investment program in Georgia.  The marketer appears to be claiming for a fairly low price, the applicant can get permanent residency, which would quickly convert to citizenship.  No research done on this (yet) and buyer beware, but I thought it was […]

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  October 4, 2017   No comments

Buenaventura, Panama, Trip Report

Friends:   Panama over the years has gotten press—both good and (recently) bad—as a flag-planting destination.  I took a quick and easy week vacation with my wife, and wanted to pass along what information I found.  For all of its other possibilities, Panama stands as a good destination to plant a “playground” flag. More than […]

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Friends: In an effort to raise interest in our forum and website, I’m going to make an attempt to regularly send out emails with thoughts, ideas, and other items of interest. One thing I’ve discussed with a few of the old SMC friends I’ve made is the idea of doing some pretty low-key meetups and […]

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  June 11, 2017   108 comments

Patagonia/Lakes Region Travelogue Part 2

HUIFE, CHILE, December 10, 2016, 5:00 p.m.: I’m sitting at a table in my room, looking out the large picture window at the rain as it falls into the river that’s about 25 yards away.  I expect it will help lull me to sleep tonight. Bariloche is a touristy city, and we stayed downtown only […]

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Patagonia/Lakes Region Travelogue Part 1

Sticky Post

Thursday, December 8, 9:15 p.m. Bariloche, Argentina. By Brian I’m writing this before I go to bed to memorialize the first two days of our whirlwind tour of the Chile and Argentina Lakes Regions. My buddy and I had long wanted to travel here, but the size of the countries and distance from home made […]

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  December 9, 2016   2 comments

Welcome Back

We had to go offline a couple of months ago due to general bugginess arising from the old software system I’d previously used for this site. I’ve had some coders retool the site using WordPress. Unfortunately, we’ve got some bugs to work out, such as posts out of chronological order, and we’re having to try […]

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  November 25, 2016   No comments